Club Information

The Kiwanis Club of Lynchburg has been serving Central Virginia since 1920. We take on various projects, all with one purpose: to improve our community and serve its youth. That includes helping to finance and construct children’s playgrounds and camps; beautifying our community; bringing fun and learning to children; and building confidence, character, and interpersonal skills, providing recognition, and teaching leadership, in our schools.

We are one of over 8000 clubs in the Kiwanis International family. Just about everywhere in the United States, and in about 80 foreign countries, you will find Kiwanians helping in their communities. In addition to the adult organizations, we sponsor clubs at colleges, high schools and below that. Here in Lynchburg there are four college Circle K clubs and six high school Key Clubs. To get the most complete picture of what Kiwanis is all about it is easiest to go the Kiwanis International web site. If you still have questions after that, or you would like to talk to someone from the Lynchburg club, click here for further information.

Financial management of the Lynchburg Kiwanis club is conducted via three separate accounts: administrative, projects, and endowment.

The administrative account pays for the administration and management of club operations. This money is not co-mingled with the money raised for the beneficial projects the club conducts in the community. The administrative expenses include Kiwanis International and Capital District dues, subscription to the Kiwanis magazine, cost of regular club lunches, and the cost of selected special events conducted by the club. The administrative cost per member is $110.00 per quarter.

The projects account provides the funds for the community service projects that the club embraces. These funds are raised explicitly for designated projects, by the membership, via special fund raising drives. For example, the club conducted an annual travelogue program, consisting of six (6) video presentations per year at the Lynchburg Fine Arts Center, for over forty years. After expenses, proceeds from the travelogue are used exclusively for community projects. Projects account monies are also obtained via solicitation from the community at large.

The endowment fund is promoted and managed to provide funds for college scholarships for deserving youth in the area. Private donations from members and non-members are collected and invested for this purpose. Participation is entirely voluntary.

Kiwanis club members enjoy special benefits through associations made between Kiwanis International and various corporations. For example, travel benefits, discounts on clothing and office supplies, and other items are available. You can check this out by visiting the Kiwanis International web site.