Club Meetings & Administration

House & Reception

Chair: Chris Bryant
Responsibilities: Provides the most effective club meetings possible. Primary focus is on bi-weekly meeting programs, speakers, physical facilities, reception, fellowship, and inter-club relations.


Chairs: Tulane Patterson and Brad Weaver
Responsibilities: Identify, contact, and secure speakers for the club meetings. Also identify and conduct special programs for club members is lieu of luncheon meetings.


Chair: Paul Sunwall
Responsibilities: Is responsible for promotion of all interclub activities. In addition takes responsibility for organization, when required, of interclub meetings held in the local area. If the Lynchburg club is in charge of the event, then prime responsibility is taken by the chairman.

Finance and Fund Raising


Chair: Lin Beasley
Responsibilities: The endowment fund provides educational assistance funds for local youth attending college. Selection of recipients is a club responsibility based on applications from the youth. The chairman is also responsible for frequent reminders to both club members and the community in general that contributions to this fund are a significant benefit to the greater Lynchburg community.

Education & Benevolence

Chair: Glenn Updike
Responsibilities: Each year the Lynchburg club awards two or three scholarships to deserving youth in the area for college. The club manages a foundation whose proceeds provide these funds.

Annual Lobster & Shrimp Sales

Chair: Ed McCann (lobster), Barbara DeWitt (shrimp), Tulane Patterson (Shrimpfest)
Responsibilities: Fresh Maine lobsters and shrimp delivered to Lynchburg within 24 hours of extraction from the Atlantic. Members start collecting orders in July for shrimp, September for lobsters. Contact a club member for lobster or shrimp sales.

Golf Tournament

Chair: Brandon Farmer
Responsibilities: The golf tournament for 2017 is tentatively scheduled for May. 
Eliminate Project Chair: Tulane Patterson

Membership Growth and Education


Chair: Hilda Stevens
Responsibilities: Requires a spirited effort to increase membership according to standards provided in the By-Laws. Membership forms should be promoted and any forms returned, promptly processed and recommendations forwarded to the Board of Directors. An effective orientation and inductions ceremony shall be executed for new members. Regular attendance at bi-weekly club meetings shall be promoted through means determined by the committee.


Chair: Chris Bryant

Public Relations

Bulletin (Building Blocks)

Chair/Editor: Chris Howell
Responsibilities: Production of the club News bulletin (Building Blocks), published bi-weekly to inform members about news pertaining to the Kiwanis Club of Lynchburg and its members. Must accept information and suggestions from the membership and all submitted news items.


Chair: Brandon Gregory
Responsibilities: Shall ensure that club activities, especially those of community interest, receive exposure through social media and whatever other means can be devised. Our community’s growth has reached a point that demands more visible and frequent advertisement for our Club.

Website Development and Maintenance

Webmaster: Barbara DeWitt
Responsibilities: Website maintenance involves acceptance of inputs from club members of website additions and changes. Individual must define special requirements for submission of items for inclusion on the website. Involves periodic checking of all website linkages. Must keep club officers informed as to site growth and current memory requirements. A continuing survey of hosts and hosting costs will be accomplished.

Club History & Archives

Chair: Norm Jones
Responsibilities: Maintain a history of club activities and events. Administer archives for the club to collect event literature, photos, and other documentation.

International Relations

Chair: Brian Carlton
Responsibilities: Our club has established and maintains a relationship with several Kiwanis Clubs in Europe. We meet every other year on average, in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, and the United States, to renew friendships, do a little sightseeing, and share experiences from serving our respective communities.  

Community Services


Chair: Dan Mensink
Responsibilities: This committee reviews and proposes community service projects to the club.

Teddy Bear Parade

Chair: Hilda Stevens
Responsibilities: The club has held a Teddy Bear Parade for 25 years as an outreach activity to the children in our community. The chair and committee organize the parade, prizes and activities for the event. 

Riverside Park Train

Chair: Bill Hodges/Scott Lyng
Responsibilities: The club is refurbishing the railroad caboose which now sits in Riverside Park along with a locomotive/ tender. The goal is to provide a structurally sound and attractive car which children can enjoy and in which small parties could be held. The work is coordinated with the city. This project will likely extend over the next several years.

Human & Spiritual Aims

Human & Spiritual Aims

Chair: Howard Butler
Responsibilities: Responsible for implementing projects that support spiritual development, provide human companionship and comfort, or offer counseling and guidance. Projects should encourage interfaith and interdenominational religious activity, including prayer. Examples are prayer breakfasts, layman of the year award, transport of indigent to their chosen religious service, nursing home visits, support of grief counseling.

Sponsored Programs

Circle K

Chair: Vacant
Responsibilities: Circle K clubs are the community service clubs at colleges and universities. The Lynchburg club sponsors and advises the clubs:
Liberty University: Lew Weider
Randolph College: Alex Dirom/Skip Kughn
Sweetbriar College: Peter Parker
Lynchburg College: Glenn Buck

Key Club

Chair: Vacant
Responsibilities: Key Clubs are the community service clubs in high schools. The Lynchburg club sponsors and advises six clubs.
Appomattox High School:Brookville High School: Glenn Updike

  • Miller Home Christmas Party – each year Brookville High Key clubbers and Kiwanians put on a party for the children at the Miller Home. Presents and refreshments are in evidence and Santa always appears.

E.C.Glass High School:

Holy Cross Regional School: 

Jefferson Forest High School: Glenn Updike

Liberty High School: Peter Parker

Young Children Priority One

Young Children,
Priority One

Chair: Chris Bryant
Responsibilities: Addresses the community interests for children up to age 6. Projects may address maternal and child health, child care, early development, nutrition, parenting education and support, advocacy, pediatric trauma, and safety. Projects such as literacy, child assistance, Head-start programs, home-safety checklist distribution, support for public education regarding child abuse, and public playground repair and maintenance may be undertaken. Current projects include fingerprinting children, erecting children’s playgrounds, and assisting the Elizabeth Early Learning Center and the Piedmont Association of Early Childhood Education.

Youth Services

Youth Services

• Terrific Kids: Norm Jones, Ken Kowalski, Gail Kowalski and Scott Kowalski – a program to reinforce simple and positive rules for children. Teachers help students set goals then the children who attain their goals are rewarded in a ceremony with the teacher, their peers, and club members.
• Keep Cool in School: Chris Bryant – a school project to teach sixth graders alternatives to violent behavior when working out their problems. Kiwanians teach the principles and practice of mediation to talk out and develop solutions for disagreements.