The Kiwanis Club of Lynchburg Serving the Central Virginia community since 1920.



We take on various projects, all with one purpose: to improve our community and serve its youth. That includes helping to finance and construct children’s playgrounds and camps; beautifying our community; bringing fun to children via the Teddy Bear Parade; and building confidence, character, and interpersonal skills, providing recognition, and teaching leadership, in our schools.
Kiwanis partners with area civic groups to maximize service efforts.
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Join Kiwanis today to enrich your own life and the lives of those in need.
Kiwanis offers many opportunities for fun and exciting social events.
We sponsor several unique fundraisers, including annual lobster and shrimp sales.



Kiwanis 15th Annual Lobster Sale!

The Kiwanis Club of Lynchburg is having their annual Lobster Recovery! The Lobster Liberation Front will drive to Boothbay Harbor in Maine to liberate about 2500 live lobsters. They will not rest until their mission is accomplished – bringing the freshest possible lobster to Lynchburg (short of owning a Lear Jet or Gulf Stream). Follow this link to order your “ticket” to lobster heaven. And if you want us to, we’ll dispatch him (or her) to heaven for you!  (order by mail instructions in the description of the “event.”) Just $15 gets you a live lobster weighing about 1.25 pounds, we’ll even cook them for you for an extra $2! If you have any questions email

Thank you for supporting the work of Kiwanis in your community. Join us for a lunch meeting some time – we’d love to get to know you and see if you’d like to join our group in “improving the world, one child and one community at a time.” Email our membership chair Brandon Farmer today!





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We welcome everyone to join us for a meeting, public event or service project.  Please see our calendar of events or feel free to contact our club Membership Committee Chair Hilda Stevens for more information at


Our monthly lunch meeting are held the first and third Fridays of every month at Oakwood Country Club, 3409 Rivermont Ave., Lynchburg, VA 24503.  Please consider joining us!.


Membership in the Kiwanis Club of Lynchburg is open to everyone!  Our club is growing and we would love to have YOU involved in our efforts to improve the world, one child and one community at a time.